This blog was created as a promise to myself to write more. I learn best by doing,  so this is a way to explore my learning about blogs and books and writing and the world in general. I am generally not too afraid of making mistakes or looking foolish,  and am prepared for a bit of each as I continue to learn both from and with you.

I own a five year old children’s bookstore called The Voracious Reader … for young people with an appetite for books and we are fortunate to be located in the book loving community of Westchester County, just thirty minutes north of midtown Manhattan.

I have strong (some might say radical) opinions about learning and about our relationships with the children in our lives. I fall in love with many books a day and enjoy sharing these passions with others. I have four lovely animals, a husband who is also a good friend, and a daughter who is now a young adult whom I admire and adore in equal and unmeasurable amounts. I am no stranger to grief.

I am in awe of people who know how to corral and share their gifts and I love to offer them my support and applause and encouragement. We all have so much to learn from each other.






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